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APRIL 2024 ...


HELLO!!! I know, I know ... it's been a while!  2024 has been interesting so far to say the least ... hit the ground running in January with Tony Christie rehearsals, shows and a great trip to Ireland.  Things took a turn in February however, when I encountered an unexpected health issue ... hospital bound for a few weeks, various invasive treatments and a surgery later, I'm happy to report full recovery is on it's way and I'm back at it!

First tentative steps back into the land of work have gone really well so far - a lovely return to the stage with TC and the chaps and a few days away with DREADZONE and THE ORB on their joint headline tour.  Feels great to be back at it after losing 2 months of activity (health comes first!).  May is a busy month - few UK shows with Tony before we head to Germany for 2 weeks, then home for festival season with TC, BIG BOY BLOATER, THE SENTI-MENTALS and various festivals on the DREADZONE crew ... I'm feeling ready for it all, bring it on!!

Remote sessions continue to come in and I'm really pleased with the sounds I'm getting at source - get  in touch via the REMOTE SESSIONS page if you want ask about me playing on your song/album/project etc... 

Keep looking out for one another and if you make it along to a show, be sure to come & say hello!

Peace & Love as always Brothers & Sisters

Matt X

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