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September 2023 ...

Summer seems to be over & the last couple of festivals of the season are on the horizon!  It's been a pretty full on year so far in terms of touring and recording and some interesting work!

So what's happened since the last update?!  Finished Si Cranstoun's Tour (THE LIFE OF SI) which was excellently received in the UK with sold out shows on most nights which was followed by 3 sold out shows in Europe in 3 of my favourite cities to play, PARIS, HAMBURG and BERLIN ... did a few great fun shows and a couple of festivals with BIG BOY BLOATER & THE LiMiTs - was great to be back out playing those tunes!  Heard the mixes of the AUGUST album I played on at the beginning of the year - great fun playing those tunes so was really nice to hear what the guys had been doing with overdubs and the mixes ... sounds like a lots 90's belter!  I'll keep you posted on release details as & when things progress with that ... had a couple of interesting phone calls and very happy to be back in the drum chair with the legendary TONY CHRISTIE!  Been fabulous playing with the band again (it's been 12/13 years since I last played with Tony!) - TC is singing great and the band are cooking!  Had some lovely theatre shows recently and there are some cool things booked in for next year - as always I'll update the tour page when dates are released!  I also got asked if I'd like to join the touring crew for DREADZONE who are currently celebrating a milestone on the 30 YEARS OF DREAD tour - been fun helping out Greg on Drumtech duty!  I've put the dates up on the tour page so you may see me running around the stage helping the guys out if you make it to a show!

Remote sessions continue to come in and I'm really pleased with the sounds I'm getting at source - get  in touch via the REMOTE SESSIONS page if you want ask about me playing on your song/album/project etc... 

That's all for now ... I'll be trying to check in more frequently and keep things current now that I've made it all a little easier for myself! 

Keep looking out for one another and if you make it along to a show, be sure to come & say hello!

Peace & Love as always Brothers & Sisters

Matt X

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